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August 2, 2011
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TDW: Madeleine by sichuu TDW: Madeleine by sichuu
NOTE: I am open for Pre-RPs if any one is interested! You can post here, send me a note, or MSN me at

For :iconthedigitalwar:

Everyone on my watchlist was joining this group, man. Everyone. :iconwthewwplz:

So, finally, I broke down and started re-watching the first season. After eight episodes, I gave in.
So here she is, my own Digimon OC with her little Octomon. And her panties...
Idk what possessed me to draw my very first picture of her with her panties showing, but I did.
And they don’t match her dress. Matching is for squares, obviously.

10 guesses as to what her digimon is based after :iconhurrdurrplz:

Wall of text ahoy! :iconwalloftextplz:
- - -

Human Partner

Name: Madeleine Amorée
Preferred names: Usually Maddi, but anything you can make out of her name, she’s okay with.

Age: 16
Gender: Boobs
Height: 5’4”

Eyes: Gray-black
Hair: Naturally a pale blonde, but she dyes it.

Nationality: French-American
Date of birth: February 15th
Place of birth: Paris

Digivice: pink DS Lite
Crest: Courage - The Sol, shard attached to a lanyard on her DS

Likes: the ocean, The Little Mermaid movie, painting, dying her hair, soft colors, strange faces, happy people, bubble tea with tapioca, video games, cloudy weather, laughing, making friends, ghost stories
Dislikes: overly sweet things, small dogs, people fighting, heat, her parents, yo-yos (she can’t work them), alarm clocks

About: Madeleine’s father was a young American business man traveling with work. His plane had a layover in Paris, where he met the daughter of a famous fashion designer and the two had a one night stand that, nine months later, resulted in the birth of a baby daughter. The two married to legitimize the birth of the child, but they soon found they had little to no feelings for each other and took every chance they could to keep away from the house.

Maddi grew up mostly alone, filling the silence by talking to herself. The only company she had were her nightly dinners with her mother, monthly meetings with her father, and the various maids in the house who barely spoke to her due to protocol. She went to a private girl’s school with other daughters of the Paris elite, but Maddi felt entirely out of place: The other girls talked about fashion and dinner parties, but Maddi sat in the corner playing video games or painting.

Despite all of this, she was a rather happy child. She didn’t mind being left alone, creating worlds full of fascinating creatures to be her friends and fill the empty places in her house. She painted endless pictures and when she ran out of canvas, she moved on to the walls of her room.

Her mother was not pleased that Maddi had begun redecorating not only her room, but the hallway leading to it and had the walls repainted white. Three times this happened, before Maddi gave up and, instead, painted herself. She attended their dinner that night covered head to toe in blue paint. Later, after she was sent to bed with no dinner, she washed herself clean, but traces of blue were left behind in her pale blonde hair. Maddi decided she rather liked her hair blue and went out the next day to buy dye.

When her father came for his monthly stop home, her parents spent the whole time fighting, trying to decide what to do with their unruly daughter, since they sure couldn’t show her anymore in polite company. Amid all of the yelling was when Maddi first met Octomon; the strange pink blob was sleeping on a pile of paintings.

The first thing he did when Maddi touched him was zap her. She instantly dropped him and he bounced away, rolling under her bed. For two days, he stayed under there and Maddi was convinced she had finally gone insane until, finally, Octomon crawled back out. Maddi made him promise not to zap her again and, once he agreed, they were well on their way to becoming friends.

Once her parents learned of their daughter’s connection to a digimon, they were more than thrilled to send her away to Japan as it was a convenient solution. And so, a week later, she was standing in a Japanese airport with a trunk full of belongings, Octomon, and her entire trust fund converted into yen...

Personality: Despite being socially stunted, Maddi is actually very friendly. She’s perfectly happy being alone, yes, but she does enjoy company. She’s very talkative once you get her going; one only has to ask the right questions (ex: about anything marine-related; Maddi loves the sea). Maddi has never had a close friend (other than Octomon, of course), but if one does make that rank, she would do anything and everything to keep them happy.

Digimon Partner

Personality: Octomon can be summarized as a small, freaky derp. His emotions change randomly and his strange facial expressions with them. He enjoys making Maddi smile, so he’s always pulling weird faces to amuse her. Octomon is very protective of his partner and quite moody, so if you touch either her or him, you’re likely to receive a zap.

In training form: Octomon
Venom Zap - he delivers a small dose of venom that paralyzes you...
If you’re a small fish. If not, it’s mildly annoying and may make your hand fall asleep.
Sucker Punch - more sucker than punch; he smacks you with a tentacle and then sticks to you until you pry him off. Which, actually, hurts much worse than the attack itself.

Rookie form: Cephalomon
Venom Jolt - a slightly higher concentration of venom that may actually make a whole arm fall asleep!
Ink Spray - dark ink is sprayed into the eyes of the enemy, rendering them momentarily blind.
Metal Beak - his beak becomes extremely sharp so he can tear at the enemy; however, that means he has to get into close range so he usually only uses this in succession with Ink Spray.

Champion form: Medusamon
Camouflage - uses his chromatophore cells to camouflage itself into its surroundings, causing confusion.
Toxic Shocker - a higher dose of venom is delivered; the longer the battle goes on after this move is used, the more damage done.

Ultimate form: Tetrodomon

Mega form:

Close up of body:
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